Ministry of Agriculture, please contact the Ministry of Health….

It may be a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs is providing funding to help make more local food available in the cafeterias of hospitals, schools and other public institutions.

Ontario’s Broader Public Sector Investment Fund is intended to support the agri-food sector by connecting farmers, food processors, and distributors with schools, hospitals and municipalities to increase the amount of Ontario food purchased by the broader public sector.

The initiative includes funds for local projects that encourage business between institutions and farmers and the development of an electronic marketplace that links buyers with sellers across Ontario.

Meanwhile in the heart of agricultural country, South Bruce Grey Health Centre is presently tearing out its cafeterias and replacing them with a rethermalized food system where frozen meals will replace local fresh food service.

Rethermalized food service has been controversial wherever it has been introduced. Veterans groups have been particularly vocal about the use of pre-prepared frozen meals in long term care facilities

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