No training? Don’t worry, binders are coming at SBGHC

South Bruce Grey Health Centre is phasing in its multi-site multi-purpose workforce to replace housekeeping and food services staff at the four-site hospital. Staff have been rotating between the Chesley and Durham site serving rethermalized food at the beginning of their shift, and cleaning the hospital afterwards. Given the importance of infection control, it is surprising that these workers have yet to have any specific training in their new roles. SBGHC figures they have it worked out – the hospital is presently preparing binders for the staff to be left at each location – months after the new assignments had begun.The hospital’s health and safety committee surely has its work cut out if putting a binder in a hospital passes for training in infection control.

One response to “No training? Don’t worry, binders are coming at SBGHC

  1. As a patient over the years the first question when being admitted to a hospital is when you were in the last hospital. If you have been in the hospital within one year they do a swap test check for infections or bugs what barriers and procedures that have been put in place for the staff that is moving from hospital to hospitals. Over the years I have seen the cleaning staff get better and better and they are on the job training for new staff with experience staff over a period of time .
    What a joke and dangerous to think you can replace with a “Binder”

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