Tom Juravich Re-Releases Song in Support of U.S. Public Sector Workers

Ottawa-based singer-songwriter Tom Juravich is re-releasing his song “When Did I Become the Problem” in support of workers and unions fighting back against the attacks on public sector workers across the U. S. It is available as a download.

Juravich is one half of Healy & Juravich, who recently produced a music video with OPSEU for “What Will You Do When I’m Gone?” The song chronicles the struggle of home care nurses to maintain their jobs amid the insecurity of forced competitive bidding. (See )

“I have been shocked by the blatant attacks on public sector workers and their unions in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and so many others states across the country,” says Juravich. “Without a doubt states are facing some difficult financial times, but our kids’ teachers, the people who pick up trash in our towns and the folks working at the social security office that take care of our parents didn’t cause this problem, and slashing their wages, cutting their benefits and destroying their unions isn’t the solution.”

In his song Juravich writes about a teacher, a state mental health worker and a national park ranger who all find themselves blamed for everything that is going wrong. They lament:

When did I become the problem?
How did the fault become all mine?
They all say they’re tightening their belt
But the only one they’re tightening is mine.

“The Problem” first appeared on Juravich’s CD Altar of the Bottom Line released by Finnegan Music in 2009. Juravich is joined by drummer Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention, Paul McCartney, and Rosanne Cash), electric guitarist Duke Levine (Mary Chapin Carpeneter) and Richard Gates on bass (Paula Cole, Suzanne Vega, and Patty Larkin).

Pete Seeger says, “I was impressed by Tom’s wide variety of material and frankly jealous of his wonderful voice,’” Dirty Linen writes that “Tom Juravich is foremost a storyteller. He has been traveling the country, hearing and retelling his stories of American sweat and struggle for a long time.”

Give the song a listen at When Did I Become The Problem

The song is also available on iTunes.

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