Peterborough Tory candidate makes up stat, says he’ll “right-size” Ministry of Health

What is Peterborough PC candidate Allan Wilson talking about?

In a Peterborough Examiner survey of local candidates, Wilson said he had been speaking to people working in the health care sector who have complained that the Ministry of Health has increased 80 per cent over the past few years with little results for patients.

Wilson says the PCs would subsequently get rid of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and “right-size” the Ministry of Health.

In 2007 OPSEU represented more than 5,000 signed members who worked at the Ministry of Health. Today those numbers are about 2,500. That’s not an 80 per cent increase, that’s a 50 per cent cut.

The LHINs are far from ideal, but they do perform the task of local planning, including the gathering of performance data. They do fund small local projects and undertake consulting, even if they don’t always listen. And they do put providers on the carpet when they fail to bring their budget into balance. With the Ministry already cut in half, one wonders how an even further reduced administration would take on these tasks under the Tories?

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