Cobourg to take protest to Lou Rinaldi

Faced with significant cuts to their hospital, Cobourg residents are planning a protest in front of their Liberal MPP’s office this Thursday at 4 pm.

Northumberland Hills Hospital has lost a diabetes clinic, all outpatient rehab, and 26 inpatient beds in the latest round of belt-tightening. Whereas other Liberal MPPs have secured additional funding to save or enhance services at their hospitals, the local community sees Lou Rinaldi, their local MPP, as doing little beyond offering excuses.

The demonstration will take place in front of the Fleming Building, 1005 Elgin St. W. in Cobourg at 4 pm on May 13th.

For more information, contact either Linda (416-809-2601) or Peggy (905-885-4005).

One response to “Cobourg to take protest to Lou Rinaldi

  1. Lynda & Peggy

    Fort Erie is about to go after the P3 funders. If interested drop me an email or how can we get in touch on line. We need to get all of Ontario aflame. We have a plan that has as of its first running been efective. Glenn

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