Event: Rally to save services at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Peterborough Regional Health Centre is proposing a plan to eliminate 171 full-time equivalent jobs, cut 20 beds, and consolidate services at the new hospital site.

Rally to protect hospital services:
Thursday, June 17 / 5 pm
Millenium Park, Peterborough

One response to “Event: Rally to save services at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

  1. The “cherry-picking” of numbers within the so-called “comparative data” used by Hospital “Peer Review Committees” to justify their pre-determined conclusions….is not worthy of a passing grade in elementary math, let alone college level. Where did they learn their math, the MOON?? Apparently their inconsistent comparisons and arbitrary, unfair time-frames are drawn, upon closer scrutiny…from all over the cosmos, akin to intellectual violation or academic offense worthy of…being THROWN OUT of university statistics class. I challenge and DARE anyone to present the Peer Review’s voodoo math skillset and “Tabloid Paper” conclusions thereof…to the scrutiny of ANY UNIVERSITY MATH or STATISTICS professor in this country, and we shall see…their time and intelligence, insulted.
    But apparently this sadly reflects the fact that our society now runs with governments and media of the “Tabloid Paper” school of thought, and the brilliantly academic School of Shortcuts. Indeed a reflection of…the math failures that voted for them in the first place. For it is just that such ineptness should suffer and fall, but only to have their expensive consequences inherited by…the tax-payer, of course, and the innocents of the next generation.

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