In Brief: Sudbury hospital gets $5 million in new funding; Women’s College wants to be ‘type of hospital that keeps people out of hospital’

Sudbury Regional Hospital is getting $5 million in new funding according to an August 26th announcement. The hospital will receive $4,004,400 in additional base funding, $500,000 in post-construction operation plan funding, a $400,000 one-time investment to support additional neurosurgery procedures, and $60,835 in one-time funding to help cover the cost of the H1N1 flu assessment centre in fall 2009.  …  Despite a doctor’s recommendation that an Ottawa family receive nursing respite care for their comatose son, the Champlain CCAC is refusing. Instead they are offering a personal support worker. The family is concerned that a personal support worker will not have the skills to cope with their son’s frail condition. Prone to seizures and choking spells, the family says they have had a hard time maintaining personal support workers in the past due to their son’s condition. The CCAC maintains the difference in cost was not an issue. The family is looking for support from a nurse three times every two weeks. Neighbours have begun a petition.  …  Five thousands signatures were gathered on a local petition last Friday calling for an investigation into the Niagara Health System (NHS). The community is still angry about the closure of emergency rooms in Port Colborne and Fort Erie. Resolutions have been passed supporting an investigation into the NHS by municipal councils in the region, including Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Niagara Falls and St. Catharines. OPSEU has also written to the health minister in support of such an investigation. The call for an investigation followed a report by the Ontario Health Coalition. … Women’s College Hospital is undergoing a $460 million rebuilding project. When complete, it will make the hospital an outpatient facility only. It will also cease delivering babies – something it has done for 99 years. CEO Marilyn Emery told the Globe and Mail that what is taking shape is “the type of hospital that keeps people out of hospitals.” For those who actually need to be in a hospital, it appears these women will be sent to Sunnybrook, the former corporate partner of Women’s College Hospital.

One response to “In Brief: Sudbury hospital gets $5 million in new funding; Women’s College wants to be ‘type of hospital that keeps people out of hospital’

  1. It’s unfortunate that the CCAC would only spring for a personal support worker. PSW’s can do many tasks but they certainly can’t replace a trained respite care nurse

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