In Brief: North Bay family members speak out; 70 per cent of women feel rushed through hospital

According to the Sudbury Star, North Bay families are scared, angry and frustrated about the transfer of 31 specialized mental health beds to Sudbury. The newspaper highlighted the story of Bob Kouris’ uncle, who is presently occupying one of the beds scheduled to transfer nearly 130 km west. This week patients will learn whether they stay or go. Kouris called North East Mental Health about his uncle. “I was also asked if I would consider having my relative move to Sudbury,” he told the newspaper. Kouris may not have a choice in the matter given shortages of alternate beds. The Concerned Citizens committee wrote to MPP Monique Smith asking a number of questions, including whether the Sudbury Kirkwood would be a permanent location for these patients. Smith instead deferred that question to the North East LHIN. Meanwhile a postcard campaign over the North Bay beds continues. … Quebec has backed down from a plan to charge $25 for a visit to the doctor. Facing widespread opposition to user fees, the Charest government admitted that “the culture here in Quebec is not ready for it.” … Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital surveyed 584 women about what they considered an ideal hospital. 96 per cent of women said they wanted dignity and respect from hospital staff – about a third said they don’t get it. 70 per cent said they feel rushed through the hospital system, while 65 per cent said they felt like a number instead of a person. The experience of the women may reflect the government’s push to move patients in and out of hospitals a lot faster.

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