Video: New hospital funding model leads to greater privatization — Armstrong

September 28 Carleton University professor Hugh Armstrong presented his analysis on patient-based funding for hospitals as part of the Ontario Health Coalition summit in Toronto. A radical shift away from the global funding model, patient-based funding more closely resembles the fee-for-service model the province is moving away from for doctors. Armstrong says the new model may lead to greater privatization.

Hugh Armstrong is a Professor in the School of Social Work and in the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University in Ottawa. He has published articles on privatization in health care, on the re-organization of work, and on state workers. With Pat Armstrong, he has written widely on women and work and on health care. Among their books are Theorizing Women’s Work (1990), The Double Ghetto: Canadian Women and Their Segregated Work (Third Edition, 1994), Wasting Away: The Undermining of Canadian Health Care (Second Edition, 2003), and Universal Health Care: What the United States Can Learn from the Canadian Experience (1998). Among their reports is a paper on health human resources for the Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada.

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