LHINs Under Fire: Hospice would rather give back money than deal with LHIN bureaucracy

This is the first year for agencies to sign accountability agreements with the Local Health Integration Networks. Many small agencies are quickly discovering the paperwork and data collection associated with these agreements is overwhelming their ability to provide front-line care.

Steve Clark (MPP Leeds-Grenville) raised the issue in the legislature last week. He said Heather Brough, program coordinator of Hospice North Hastings, had told him that she spends 80 per cent of her time on LHIN paperwork and meetings, taking her away from helping people.

“She’s fed up with the LHINs and is willing to forgo the $52,000 a year the hospice gets from them,” Clark said.

Minister of Health Deb Matthews said she was unfamiliar with the case, but would take a look at it. She said she knows they need to do a better job of building a continuum of care in our health care system.

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