National Medicare Week — Letters to the PM

It’s National Medicare Week this week. The Canadian Health Coalition is using social media to encourage supporters to write to Prime Minister Harper to urge the federal government to enforce the Canada Health Act. So far the campaign has generated thousands of letters.

The letter reads:

This week is National Medicare Week and I urge you to use the occasion to show federal leadership on health care.

There are serious problems that need to be urgently addressed, including lack of access to timely care, home and continuing care, and affordable prescription drugs.

Further, you have stood idly by as provinces de-listed services, allow extra-billing by physicians, and permit the selling of medically-necessary diagnostic services and queue-jumping. I expect your government to uphold its legal duty and enforce the Canada Health Act in these well documented violations.

I call upon you to celebrate National Medicare Week by enforcing the Canada Health Act. I also call on you to secure Medicare for future generations by committing to adequate federal funding, and initiating a national public drug plan (Pharmacare) that will save billions while providing Canadians with better access to prescription drugs.

Mr. Prime Minister, defend our health care system. Stand up for Medicare.

To send your letter, go to:

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