Ontario spends $2.3 billion less on health care than the national average — OHA

The OHA has prepared a slide deck of comparisons in health care spending between provinces.  The data comes from the 2010 National Health Expenditure Report put out by the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

 Some highlights:

  •  Ontario is only ahead of BC and Quebec in terms of total health care expenditures per capita. It would take $2.3 billion to bring Ontario up to the average of what other provinces spend on health care.
  • Increases in Ontario’s health care spending have recently been slower than other provinces.
  • Ontario is second last in per capita hospital spending. We would have to spend $3.5 billion more to bring Ontario up to the national average. Ontario’s per capita spending on hospitals increased by only $21 from 2009 to 2010.
  • Ontario spends more per capita on physicians and drugs than any other province.
  • Only BC and Alberta spend less per capita on other institutions, including long term care.

To see the full slide deck, go to


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