Event: Day of Action — April 9

Our cities, our services our future — the broad-based coalition of labour and student groups are calling a day of action in support of public services April 9.

With the new Mayor of Toronto adopting an agenda similar to the U.S. Tea Party movement, the Good Jobs Coalition says there is a lot at stake regardless of whether you live directly in the city or not.

Coinciding with the last day of OPSEU’s Convention, the day of action is asking you to come to Toronto’s Dundas Square on Saturday, April 9 at 1 pm. After a few short speeches, the rally will march the few blocks down Queen Street to City Hall. Send a message to Rob Ford, Dalton McGuinty and every mayor in Ontario.

For more information, contact Rally organizer Laurie Hardwick (OFL) at 416-571-3087 or e-mail lhardwick@ofl.ca

Endorsing organizations include: Ontario Federation of Labour, Good Jobs For All Coalition, Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, Canadian Labour Congress, Toronto and York Region Labour Council.

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