Sunshine list reveals golden handshake for outgoing deputy minister

In the legislature this week the NDP raised questions about the golden handshake for former Deputy Minister Ron Sapsford.

The Sunshine List revealed Sapsford earned $762,000 last year despite leaving his job in January of 2010.

Sapsford’s payout was recorded under Hamilton Health Sciences despite the government’s promise not to hide government salaries in hospital budgets.

Sapsford had worked at HHS prior to coming to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in 2005.

Sapsford’s remuneration is listed as $672,916 in salary and $89,152 in taxable benefits.

Sapsford has been working as Chief of Strategy for the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) since last October.

3 responses to “Sunshine list reveals golden handshake for outgoing deputy minister

  1. Hopefully he makes lots of donations to the less fortunate…seems a little unfair to keep it all to himself.

  2. Scott Buehlow

    So do something about it!!!! You waste everyones time with your frivolous emails, but what do you ever do about it? All you are attempting to do is persuade voters to support your candidate. Your no better than they are. Make a difference!!!! Talk is cheap. Get some backbone and take action against them and if not, stop wasting your members time. They have better things to do than listen to your whining.

  3. Hey Scott — what would you do?

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