Turning around the Titanic?

Many of the LHINs are now seeing turnover of their original board chairs as their terms expire.

This week Foster Loucks, Chair of the Central East LHIN, conducted his final board meeting in Ajax.

Reflecting on the long and difficult process of transforming the health care system, Loucks told the meeting “whenever you turn the Titanic around it’s going to take some time.”

There may have been one or two puzzled looks in the room – did the departing chair not remember that the Titanic actually sank?

Loucks was probably the first Chair we had contact with from OPSEU. While we didn’t always agree with his board’s decisions, there is no question that Loucks was always focused on the mission of improving health care delivery within the region. He was usually quick to address our concerns and treated our members with respect. He will be missed.

We offer him our best wishes – and Foster, if you are planning any cruises in the next little while, be careful which ship you get on.

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