New site allows Ontarians to define health care issues

The Ontario Health Coalition is using social media to allow Ontarians to define their own health care issues in the coming provincial election.

The new “pledge” web site has been up for less than a day and already comments are flooding in on the three-phase on-line project.

Phase 1 of the project invites Ontarians to visit and share what they believe to be the key health care issues and experiences. Phase 1 takes place through the month of June.

Phase 2 invites Ontarians to return and vote for their priorities from a summary list generated from Phase 1. This will take place in July and August.

Phase 3 the Coalition will ask Ontarians to take a pledge to help make these priorities key health care election issues. Candidates will be able to see how many people in each electoral riding have taken the pledge. If thousands of Ontarians join in, political parties will be compelled to make clear commitments on these issues. This last phase takes place in late August and early September.

“Lip service to health care is not enough,” says Natalie Mehra, Director of the Ontario Health Coalition. “Ontarians need clear commitments on the key issues that matter in our communities.”

Make your priorities known now at

2 responses to “New site allows Ontarians to define health care issues

  1. This is a great site thank you for the information. They should be doing this with more than just health care.

  2. its very interesting….i think this is a god idea.Thank you for sharing the post.

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