Media steps up marginalization of opposition voices

Carping: Complain or find fault continually, typically about trivial matters. (The Free Dictionary)

Recently the Toronto Star’s Queen’s Park columnist Martin Regg Cohn wrote a fawning column about Don Drummond, the ex-banker invited by Dalton McGuinty to tell us how we can better deliver public services and eliminate a $16 billion deficit.

At the end of the column Cohn writes: “Yet despite carping from public sector unions and the NDP, Drummond is struck by a public perception that change is inevitable.”


Let’s remember that Drummond has not held any public consultations. He has already admitted that the coming restraint will be “unprecedented” by its duration. He has called for a “structural redesign” of the health system despite the fact that we still haven’t got through the last structural redesign.

Raising concerns about such a fundamental shift by government is carping?

There has been much written on the media’s deliberate marginalization of voices opposed to the agenda set by the business class.

Big media, after all, is owned by big business.

MIT professor Noam Chomsky says “propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

Lately it just seems a little over the top.

If you think “carping” is ridiculous, the same newspaper reprinted an item about the Occupy movement from the New York Times.

The article asks with the Occupy camps gone, can the cause last? Like the Cohn story, towards the end of the article the story states: “around the country, news media had begun highlighting less savoury aspects of the occupations: drug use, crime and the influx of homeless people.”

Who could be more marginalized than the homeless, but here is the New York Times and the Toronto Star marginalizing the homeless further by calling them “less savoury,” as if homeless people didn’t have the right to be political, or that their views would not matter.

Yet the very act of being homeless speaks volumes about politics in this province.

The Toronto Star is hardly Sun-TV, which desperately tries to be Fox-TV North. OPSEU was at Occupy Toronto the same morning as Sun-TV host Ezra Levant. Levant was trying to provoke the protesters by offering condoms, claiming Occupy Calgary said their number one need was for condoms. Levant told the protesters he was even wearing one. Levant later went back to the studio and said the camp had an STD problem. This is not news, this is propaganda intended to marginalize what the protesters were doing.

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