Medicare advocate Dr. Gordon Guyatt to be awarded Order of Canada

We are overdue in extending our congratulations to Dr. Gordon Guyatt who is to be awarded the Order of Canada by Governor General David Johnston later this year.

Dr. Guyatt is professor of clinical epidemiology and biostatics at Hamilton’s McMaster Unversity, but is best known to Ontarians as a passionate advocate for public Medicare.

The end of the year announcement is officially for Guyatt’s contributions “to the advancement of evidence-based medicine and its teaching.”

Typical of Dr. Guyatt, he told the Hamilton Spectator that his work and research is high collaborative. “I have led many things, but it has always been collaborative with many colleagues who, in fact, implicitly share in the award.”

Dr. Guyatt is one of the founders of the Medical Reform Group, a democratic organization of physicians, medical students and other committed to ensuring access by all Canadians to high quality health care.

The MRG has been a vocal opponent of Canadian Medical Association Presidents who have used their position to push for greater private health care delivery, including investor-owned clinics across Canada.

Guyatt is a board member of both the Canadian Health Coalition and the Ontario Health Coalition.

Health care advocates are likely familiar with Dr. Guyatt from his many speaking engagements, newspaper articles and media appearances.

2 responses to “Medicare advocate Dr. Gordon Guyatt to be awarded Order of Canada

  1. I have heard Dr.Guyatt speak several times. He was a guest speaker at a Sarnia/Lambton Health Coalition meeting and he made so much sense and was so knowlegeable about the Health Care System that I wonder why the Government didn’t ask him instead of Mr. Drummond to give them advise on how to proceed.

  2. I was at the meeting with Helen. Dr Guyatt speaks so clearly about the problems with the sell out of Medicare that it seems even Dalton and Steph can understand.
    Does their lack of action signal a deliberate desire to set up their moneyed friends with sure fire income from desperate Patients who will pay anything for a cure?
    Bob Scot Petrolia Ontario.

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