New interim OHA CEO responsible for hospital amalgamations

Mark Rochon is replacing Tom Closson as CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) – at least for now.

Rochon will fill the post until a permanent replacement his hired by the OHA Board of Directors.

Rochon comes from Toronto Rehab, where he served as CEO from 1998-2011. He also served as OHA Board Chair 2007-2008.

Rochon is best known as the Chair of the Health Restructuring Commission. In the late 1990s the HRC’s recommendations resulted in the closure of 33 public, six private and six psychiatric hospital sites. The HRC also amalgamated 44 hospitals into 14 hospital corporations, leaving Ontario with about 150 hospital corporations from 225.

The HRC also advocated for more community-based service delivery.

In a presentation he made several years later on the HRC, Rochon included a Gary Larson cartoon where a group of cows are observing another cow driving a meat truck. The caption: “Eventually Murray took the job, but his friends never did speak to him again.”

Rochon was also responsible for integration of Toronto Rehab with the University Health Network last year.

Rochon is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES).

One response to “New interim OHA CEO responsible for hospital amalgamations

  1. Gee, what a coincident.

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