LeClerc named third CEO of Champlain LHIN

The Champlain Local Health Integration Network has confirmed Chantale LeClerc as its permanent CEO.

LeClerc had been serving as interim CEO upon the departure of Alex Munter, who left six months ago to serve as CEO of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

LeClerc, a former nurse, has been with the LHIN since 2008. Prior to stepping into Munter’s shoes, she was senior director of health system integration.

LeClerc has impressive credentials, including graduating from a management program for nursing executives at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

LeClerc is the third CEO of the Champlain LHIN since it was created in 2005. Of the 14 LHINs, only three have their original CEOs – Erie St. Clair (Gary Switzer), Central West (Mimi Low-Young) and South East (Paul Huras).

The Drummond Commission for Public Sector reform recommended a wage increase for LHIN CEOs given the turnover of senior management, many leaving for hospital jobs.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Ms. Leclerc will earn about $249,000 this year.

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