Ontario NDP invites you to have your say on the budget

The Ontario New Democrats are seeking your input into the provincial budget.

Tim Hudak and the Tories have already said they will vote against it. This gives the NDP the opportunity to push for meaningful changes.

Tuesday’s budget represents considerable austerity for health care, especially for hospitals which are expected to endure a freeze on their base budgets. It does nothing to address the lack of resources in mental health.

Coupled with cuts to affordable housing, a freeze on social assistance and delays in the promised increase to the Ontario Child Benefit, the budget does nothing to address the social determinants of health, placing even greater strain on the health system.

The NDP are asking what you like about the budget as well as what you dislike. They are also asking if you would support calling a snap election over the contents of the budget.

To have your say, click here.

3 responses to “Ontario NDP invites you to have your say on the budget

  1. Megan Pilatzke

    The party should NOT accept this budget. The racing industry gives thousands of Canadians jobs and they want to screw that over?! That’s absolutely terrible! On top of that! Im a nurse saving lives and you want to freeze MY wages? All nurses and doctors are going to be lost to the states that way…. And like we don’t have enough health system problems. Please vote against! As a registered member of the ndp! I do not support this garbage.

  2. The Conservatives have spent considerable time & money in identifying their support – they know how to get out their vote. I fear a snap election that most people do not want.
    Federally,we are in a mess because of Jack Layton in 2006.
    Let’s try to work to-gather & compromise.
    What about saving money by getting rid of “faith based” schools? Other Provinces have moved forward.
    Or adding one or more tax brackets?

  3. The NDP gave the Liberals their wish list for thier support. The Liberals, using our tax money, tried to give the NDP what they wanted. If the NDP now does not support the budget, how could we ever believe they would stand by promises made in an election. Now is not the time for an election. The NDP should take time to show the people of Ontario that they put the needs of the people of Ontario ahead of deamed political expediency.

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