Queen’s Park: Buildings matter. Health care delivery? Not so much.

The next election appears to be set up to be fought over the bricks and mortars of health care, and not the quality of the system itself.

Liberals are using robocalls in Halton to urge constituents to call their MPP and urge her to vote for the provincial budget lest the $300 million redevelopment of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital be placed in jeopardy.

The Liberals felt no compulsion about doing the same around Grimsby’s West Lincoln Memorial hospital redevelopment or five other projects that were taken off the table in the same provincial budget. Five of six of these projects are in provincial Tory ridings.

“Their decisions are not about health care. Their decisions about what hospitals to fund have become part of a political game,” PC leader Tim Hudak told the Hamilton Spectator.

According to the Spectator, Burlington MPP Jane McKenna received more than 1,000 calls to her office as a result of robocalling that started Monday.

While hospitals are telling us about impending layoffs due to a base budget freeze, at Queen’s Park the real battle is over the buildings, not the care delivered in those buildings.

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