Federal petition re imports of U.S. plasma

Thousands have already signed our provincial petition asking Health Minister Deb Matthews to use the province’s role as a major funder of Canadian Blood Services to pursue more domestic content in plasma products used by Ontario hospitals.

The petition was circulated after it was learned CBS was closing its Thunder Bay plasma donor clinic at the same time it was increasing “surplus” plasma imports from the United States.

A second petition has now been drafted which asks the Federal government to intervene as regulator of the blood system.

It was imports of FDA-approved U.S. plasma collected at an Arkansas prison that led to the tainted blood scandal of the early 1990s. Thousands of people around the world lost their lives as a result of tainted blood products exported from the U.S. To date there has been no explanation why the U.S. FDA would approve such products for export while banning the use of prison-sourced plasma in their own country.

The United States still allows for paid blood donations despite recommendations by the World Health Organization that donations be unpaid and voluntary to reduce risk of transfusion-transmissible infections.

The Federal petitions asks the Federal Minister of Health to protect the system by directing CBS to increase Canadian plasma content, including re-opening plasma donor clinics.

Please help us gather signatures. To download the petition, click here: CBS Federal Petition

Once you have gathered signatures, please send the petitions to Len Mason, OPSEU Thunder Bay, 1201 Amber Drive, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 6M4.

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