Giant umbrella part of Medicare protest July 18

Health care advocates are urging the Harper government to return to the table and negotiate a new 2014 health accord with the provinces. The message is part of a national day of action July 18 – a week before provincial and territorial Premiers are scheduled to meet to discuss the issue.

Earlier this year the Harper government told the provinces what their health transfers would be, showing no interest in how that money got spent. The plan includes 6 per cent increases to 2018. After that the transfers will be indexed to economic growth with a minimum floor of 3 per cent.

In Toronto health care advocates are being urged to meet July 18 at 12 noon in Riverdale Park East, across from the Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Church (Bain and Broadview).

The protestors will be forming a giant umbrella symbolizing the protection Canadians receive from public Medicare.

The Ontario Health Coalition, the Council of Canadians and Canadian Doctors for Medicare are joining with other advocacy organizations to send a message to the Harper government to get back to the table.

In April a Vector Poll indicated 57 per cent of Canadians disapprove of the Harper government’s refusal to negotiate a new National Health Accord with the provinces.  In the same poll, 58 per cent of Canadians said they feel the federal government should “set standards that the provinces have to follow” to make sure Canadians in different provinces have access to the same quality of health care.

Watch this short cartoon on the Medicare “umbrella.”

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