Ontario Shores says we got it all wrong

Earlier this week we ran a story about how a manager at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences had used a YouTube clip from the 2000 movie “Meet The Parents” to intimidate staff.

In the YouTube clip, Robert DeNiro corners his future son-in-law in a tuxedo rental dressing room after finding drug paraphernalia among the bridal party. DeNiro reminds Stiller of his “circle of trust.”

“If I can’t trust you, Greg, I have no choice but to put you outside the circle. Once you’re out, you’re out. There’s no coming back.”

“I will be watching you, studying your every move,” DeNiro warns. “I will bring you down, baby. I will bring you down to Chinatown.”

The union complained to management that the video clip was a not-so-veiled threat to staff. OPSEU received no response until yesterday.

Ontario Shores says we got it all wrong. That’s not what the context was. The staff meeting where the clip was shown – in dietary – was all about relationships.

We viewed the clip again to try to see it Ontario Shores way.

Here’s a few possible explanations:

1. We were too cheap to do proper training on Bill 168, so we found this on the internet and thought you’d get the idea about bullying and harrassment. While the two protagonists are not really in their workplace, you could imagine it, right?

2. DeNiro says he wants to take Stiller down to Chinatown. After a conflict it’s always good to go out for Dim Sum.

3. Resolving conflict always works better in top hat and tails.

4. Watching clips from funny movies is a great way to bond staff in dietary. Let’s form a club!

5. Circle of Trust? Damn. We meant to show Disney’s Circle of Life from the Lion King. Whoops!

6. It’s good to share expertise, like how to distinguish a hash pipe from a piece of sculpture.

7. If you have to resolve conflict, go to a little room, close the door, and look really really intense.

Or perhaps the manager really just meant “step outside our circle of trust and you’ll get what for.”

Are you an expert at interpreting film? Please view the clip and make your own suggestions of alternate interpretations.

6 responses to “Ontario Shores says we got it all wrong

  1. Hmmm sounds like a veiled threat to me.

  2. Loved the movie. Circle of Trust segment was a riot… De Niro portrayed as dangerous and more than a little “off centre.”
    Think Ont. Shores Centre a little off centre too… and I’d bet staff reaction to this outrage was to experience the same fear that Ben Stiller was meant to feel in the presence of a dangerous threat.
    If so innocent why did these workers complain to union for help?

  3. Noticed that Ontario Shores has posted their public response to Circle of Trust video clip on their home website. Viewed and reviewed video clip trying my best to be open to Ontario Shores ‘spin’. Each viewing made me laugh harder, til finally I just couldn’t watch it again without risk of injury to my head meeting desk. Does Ontario Shores really believe that the public is that gullible? De Niro was recently in town, too bad he couldn’t have been persuaded to visit Ontario Shores and given THEM a tip or two on building relationships. Thank you OPSEU for sharing this story and affirming the necessity for unionized workplaces. Appropriate that this story of “Workplace Terrorism” was published on September 11th…

  4. Classic: back the small guy into the corner of a small space with no room to move, close the door, red circle him and threaten him from a standing position to take him down, as he has exited the circle of trust. Equals grievance under Bill 168 OHSA for intimidation, harassment and bullying.

  5. Understand that Ontario Shores has friends in high gov’t places.
    “Viceregal” Appointee.
    Also dubious connections with one of the principle “parties” identified as major “participant” on Ornge scandal.
    Could there be a connection with their apparent “Teflon” persona that they can do whatever they choose and nothing sticks??

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