Family Council Network Four launches long term care letter/petition campaign

Tired of broken promises on long-term care?

The Family Council Four Network – the largest of Family Council Networks in Ontario – is organizing a letter writing/petition campaign to improve long-term care.

The Council is asking that Ontario:

  • Immediately increase the number of paid hours of nursing and personal care per resident per day to 4.0 hours – as was promised in 2008;
  • Develop a plan to phase-in future increases to 5.0 hours by January 2015;
  • Establish a licensing body, such as a college, that will develop a process of registration, accreditation and certification for all Personal Support Workers (PSWs).

The Council argues that present PSW training is inconsistent and insufficient to deal with higher physical, psychological and emotional needs of residents.

If you support these goals, you can download a draft letter and petition at:

2 responses to “Family Council Network Four launches long term care letter/petition campaign

  1. the psw.s i have seen do not care about the resident only the amount of the paycheque..hope i die before getting put into the care of these poorly trained greedy groups of certain kinds of people .i am a psw but didnt like to see elderly people get abused .so i didnt finish my school even though i love my elders.who are someone,s parent..nothing ever changes

  2. Hi Heather — Its a bit sad that you view your colleagues this way. Given PSWs make among the worst wages in the health sector, your comments are very cynical to say the least. If your colleagues are in it only for the money, they certainly took up the wrong career. The Family Council Four press conference was about ensuring there are enough PSWs to do the work and that they are properly trained.

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