Towards a new health accord: Make a video, share your Medicare story

The Council of Canadians is asking you to share your experiences with the Medicare system by making a video and uploading it to their YouTube channel.

It doesn’t have to be polished – just sincere.

The Council is not just looking for stories where the system has failed, but also where our public system has succeeded. For many Canadians our public system continues to save lives and improve quality of life.

The goal is to make the system work for all Canadians and to protect and improve the quality of care.

The video stories are being collected in the run up to this summer’s meeting of the Council of the Federation – the last get together of the provincial Premiers before the 10-year 2004 health accord with the federal government expires. (See activist’s calendar at right).

Whereas there were numerous objectives tied to the last accord, the Federal government has simply decided to cut the provinces a cheque and walk away from any responsibility over how that money gets spent. Worst still, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty intends to eventually tie health funding to the performance of the economy, meaning when Canadians need the system the most – during economic downturns – the money will dry up.

The Health Council of Canada, set up to monitor progress on the accord, will also be dismantled next year. This is in keeping with the Harper government’s desire to eradicate any embarrassing evidence that flies in the face of the ideological decision-making taking place in Ottawa. If we don’t collect the information, we won’t know how bad the situation is.

Real stories about our Medicare system send a powerful message.

The Council of Canadians is asking that you finish your video with the following statement: “Premier [your premier’s name e.g. Wynne, Dexter, Clark…], I support protecting, strengthening and expanding Medicare in the 2014 Health Care Accord. I hope you will too.”

Diablogger Rick Janson leans on Woody Allen and others to make points about the care he received in 2009 before and after major surgery. Watch Rick’s video (top), get motivated, and make your own.

To learn how to format your video and upload it to the Council of Canadians YouTube channel, click here.

Want to do more? Join us in Niagara-on-the-Lake July 24-25 for the Canadian Health Coalition’s Shadow Summit and rally during the Premier’s meeting.

There will be a day and a half of workshops and discussion about what our health system could be and what the role the Federal government should play. Many great speakers will be there. On the second day a rally in support of National Medicare will take place outside the Premiers’ meeting. Several Premiers are expected to come out and address the rally.

If you’d like to attend the summit, please fill out the registration form (below) and send it back to the Ontario Health Coalition. There is no fee for attending the summit. If you can’t attend the summit, please make time to come for the rally on the 25th. Activists will be gathering at about 11 am for the march to the Premier’s meeting.

Registration form: Shadow Summit Registration Form

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