Road trip looks at how dangerous Conservative election plank plays out in real life

We’ve previously written on the folly of the provincial Conservatives in pursuing American-style labour legislation that would erode the standard of living for most Ontarians.

Making most of us poorer will not help Ontario reduce health care costs – studies looking at the social determinants of health suggests the opposite to be true. Lower wages also means less tax revenue to pay for hospitals, home care, nursing homes and mental health.

This week OPSEU is sending a film crew to the United States to examine the social and economic impact of such State legislation.

The film crew will be led by former CBC foreign correspondent Bill Gillespie, a veteran journalist who has reported from such hot spots as Afghanistan, Chechnya and Iraq.

A BLOG has been set up to follow their journey and preview what may come to pass in Ontario if a Conservative government is elected in the next provincial election.

Click here to view “Road Talk.”

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