Heartless — cuts to refugee health care

On June 17 Canadian Doctors For Refugee Care conducted demonstrations across Canada drawing attention to the Harper government’s 2012 changes to the Interim Federal Health Plan that would deny many desperate refugees access to our health system.

As the people in one of the following videos states, “the fact that there are people here in Canada who are deemed ‘unworthy’ of health care is despicable.”

Many doctors have filled the gap and have been providing care for free, but it is hardly a solution.

Two recent videos worth watching: the first is a very well-done promotional video prepared by the Canadian Doctor’s For Refugee Care for the Montreal rally. The second is coverage of Hamilton’s rally by our good friends at Operation Maple.

Please take the time, watch, and get active! It’s one more reason to show up in Niagara-on-the-Lake July 24-25.

One response to “Heartless — cuts to refugee health care

  1. This is not only heartless, it is just plain stupid. Refugees often came for horrid conditions (most send times in refugee camps before getting to Canada) that breed diseases like T.B. Conditions when they get here are also less than optimum, crowded and poor ventilation which becomes danger zones. Denying these people care is just stupid. Disease does not care of citizenship, or address, considering that Rosedale is less than kilometer from St. Jamestown, Bay street bank towers and Osgoode Hall less than a kilometer from Regent Park, and served by the same Queen Car. If they are so heartless to care, do it for self interest and public health reasons..

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