Transit workers spoof Wynne running ad with attack on P3 policy

Confirmation of the June 12 election is barely an hour old and the Amalgmated Transit Union Local 113 has already  launched its election campaign ad. Its a spoof of Kathleen Wynne’s running commercial that highlights the dangers of public-private partnerships.

The 2014 budget highlights more than $35 billion spent on 80 P3 projects. That includes everything from hospitals to courthouses. The ATU is concerned that approach is being extended to transit.

The ATU video also shows Stephen Harper, Tim Hudak and Rob Ford applauding as Kathleen Wynne runs past a series of failed P3s, including the cancelled gas plant.

The ad will be airing on Toronto television stations beginning today.

Be among the first to watch it below:

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3 responses to “Transit workers spoof Wynne running ad with attack on P3 policy

  1. sue mcintyre

    Wow! Does this sound familiar! Did the PCs and Libs form a coalition?

  2. If the Liberals and the PC also support P3’s, which party should we support? What is the NDP’s stance on this issue?

  3. Healthchanger — This we will find out and BLOG about in the next 40 days. Stay tuned! Remember, the Libs essentially fought an election on P3s as opposition then reversed their stance once elected.

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