Nursing Week award winners prove system is far from broken

On Monday night in introducing Dr. Danielle Martin to his speaker series, Bob Ramsay suggested that Ontario’s health care system is broken.

It’s a bit of a stretch to look at the challenges we face and conclude the system is entirely broken. As Dr. Martin herself said, you can find failures in any health system.

What is often hard to measure is the commitment by those working within the system. Most of the front line staff we speak with have chosen these professions precisely because they are caring occupations.

Patients and families still recognize the effort, especially facing constrained budgets and escalating workload. We’ve seen more than a handful of letters in the media that express surprise with the quality of patients’ care experience. Like Ramsay, the publicly expressed concerns about system often lead patients to conclude the worst.

This afternoon we got news that four OPSEU nurses have received “caring” awards as a result of testimonials by listeners of a regional chain of radio stations.

Bayshore Broadcasting is profiling the winners on their radio station as well as on-line at their Healthy Tomorrow’s website. Click here to read the detailed comments about each.

The four OPSEU RPNs are among 26 award-winners this year.

OPSEU winners are:

Helen Rice, RPN, Participation Lodge (Local 235)
Lisa Slot, RPN, Wiarton Hospital (Local 260)
Jennifer Wonch, RPN, Lee Manor (Local 299)
Holly Bowen, RPN, Meaford Long Term Care (Local 289)

Congratulations to all.

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