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Social Determinants: Poll indicates widespread support for indexing minimum wage

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce likely surprised everyone when they suggested in September the best way to adjust the minimum wage is to automatically link it to the cost of living.

Many anti-poverty groups have been advocating for such a policy as well as demanding Ontario play catch-up for the three years in which the minimum wage has been frozen at $10.25 an hour. Ontario is one of three jurisdictions in Canada that has no mechanism for increasing the minimum wage.

While the Chamber is no fan of having to pay workers more, they argue that by linking the minimum wage to the cost of living it would be predictable, transparent and fair.

A recent poll suggests most Canadians agree. The September Vector Poll* indicated 53 per cent of Canadians “strongly” supported increasing the minimum wage every year by the cost of living. Another 36 per cent were “somewhat” supportive.

That’s about as close to consensus as you are going to get in Canada.

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