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Second deadline for PSW Registry is cancelled – for now

Let’s be clear: there is no present deadline for anybody to get on the Personal Support Worker (PSW) Registry. Employers may be setting their own deadline, but this is not coming from the PSW Registry itself.

There was a deadline of April 1, 2013 for the home and community care sector. On March 14th a letter was sent out informing employers that this deadline was no more. This is the second time the deadline for that sector has fallen by the wayside. Originally the home care sector was to have registered by the end of last August, but too few PSWs actually did that.

There was never any registration deadline for PSWs working in other health care sectors.

Without any enforcement mechanism, the April 1st deadline is pointless. At present there is no penalty for public employers wishing to hire someone to do the work of a PSW who isn’t on the Registry.

According to the PSW Registry, at this time registration is totally voluntary.

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