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You probably don’t want to read about this — but should

Nobody wants to talk about it yet 50 per cent of those who experience it are likely to lose their jobs. In Alberta one in five employees reported its impact on their workplace. That impact is said to cost employers $77.9 million per year. In Australia it’s estimated that it represents 8 per cent of the disease burden for women ages 18-44 and is greater than other recognized risk factors for poor health. 56 per cent of those who experience it are likely to come in late for work at least five days a month.

The two most high-profile cases of it in Canada both took place in hospitals.

Have you guessed yet?

It’s domestic violence.

Jan Reimer, Provincial Coordinator of the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS), spoke about what she calls a “hidden issue” at the Canadian Health Professional Secretariat meeting in Ottawa last Friday.

The Health Science Association of Alberta and the ACWS are undertaking a campaign to raise awareness in that province and encourage workers to take action by helping their colleagues who may be showing signs that they are living with domestic abuse. Working with the union, the ACWS has also developed a tool kit for employers.

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