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Significant blood shortage occurring before rival competes for arms

Back in April Dr. Graham Sher appeared unconcerned about having to compete for donors against a rival organization willing to pay for what his Canadian Blood Services receives for free.

The Canadian Blood Services CEO had earlier estimated that should rival Canadian Plasma Resources be licensed to collect and pay for donations of plasma, the impact on CBS’ donations would be in the vicinity of 8 per cent.

That wasn’t presented as an alarm, but to quiet critics – including us – who were raising issues around a proposal to introduce large-scale paid plasma donation in Canada by a private for-profit company.

Just a few months later CBS is now “rallying” Canadians to urgently donate, stating the country is now facing “concerning” shortages of blood due to fewer summer donations. While each summer presents challenges, CBS executive Susan Matsumoto told the media the downward trend is especially concerning this year.

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