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Still waiting for “earliest possible opportunity” to regulate patient transfer

“This is a case where the wheels are literally falling off the bus.” – Andre Marin, Toronto Star, July 16, 2013

Back in June 2011 the Ontario government promised legislation “at the earliest opportunity” to regulate the private patient transfer industry.

The first real promise of that election campaign, Health Minister Deb Matthews was prompt in her reaction to a scathing report by the Ontario Ombudsman that suggested taking a taxi was far safer than climbing aboard one of the province’s privatized patient transfer vehicles.

We’ve all seen these vehicles. They look like ambulances. Some have emergency lights just like real ambulances. The drivers often dress like paramedics. But that doesn’t mean they are.

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Tax cuts or health care?

During the leader’s election debate September 27 NDP Leader Andrea Horwath repeated the phrase “blank cheque” when it came to corporate taxes.

The NDP want to roll back recent corporate tax cuts to 14 per cent. The Tories and Liberals favour a 10 per cent rate.

The NDP argue that nothing has been required of corporations for the tax cuts.

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