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Going backwards — Fresh food preparation may be lost in Scarborough-Rouge merger

The Scarborough Hospital has been an innovator in food services at its main campus. Last year it garnered considerable media attention by bringing in a consulting chef to work with the hospital in developing a menu that would feature locally grown foods that are prepared from scratch in their kitchens.

Toronto Chef Joshna Maharaji told the Toronto Star last year “now their humanity is required when they work. Now they have to smell and taste and make judgments instead of just executing a very standardized plan. That’s real evidence of change.”

Now that change may be under threat as The Scarborough Hospital looks to standardize food services with its potential merger partner, the Rouge Valley Health System.

Instead of going to the innovative service Scarborough began, merger talks appear to be leaning towards the less-than-optimal rethermalized food service at Rouge.

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