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You Don’t Know Don Quiz!

How much do you know about banker Don Drummond’s 105 recommendations for Ontario’s health system? Last fall Drummond was engaged by the province to come up with a roadmap for reform of the public sector.

Attending this year’s OPSEU Convention (April 19-21), Becky Thomson scored 7 out of 7 on our quiz and won a $100 gift certificate courtesy OPSEU’s Health Care Divisional Council. Incidentally, $100 is 1/15th of what Drummond got paid per day to work on his report.

Test your knowledge — answers follow the “continue reading” link.

1. In between emergency calls, Don Drummond would like ambulance paramedics to…
a. Conduct home care visits
b. Change the oil and filter on their ambulance
c. Practice using Milton Bradley’s “Operation”

2. Don Drummond doesn’t believe in freezing wages, however he proposes to…
a. Give health care employers no money for wage increases
b. Move hospitals to Indiana unless health care workers agree to cut their wages in half
c. Literally hand out workers’ wages encased in a block of ice

3. Don Drummond refers to a TD Economics report that predicts health care will take up 80 per cent of Ontario’s program spending by 2030. Who wrote that TD Economics Report?
a. Nostradamus
b. The same folks who wrecked the economy in 2008
c. Don Drummond

4. Don Drummond says he wants to resist the natural temptation to…
a. Do the right thing
b. Build many more long-term care homes despite an aging population and long waits for beds
c. Scratch somewhere impolite

5. Don Drummond wants to spend more on..
a. Mental health, home care and public health
b. Pizza for the post-Commission wrap party
c. Another Commission

6. Don Drummond wants to spend less on
a. Hospitals and doctors
b. Beano anti-gas tablets
c. You

7. The Drummond Report is…
a. A warmed over version of the existing McGuinty health plan
b. A roadmap to further private delivery of public health care
c. Uncosted and impractical
d. All of the Above


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