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Numbers don’t lie: Cuts to hospital allied health professionals not showing up in community visits

Over the last number of weeks we have been debunking the myth that hospital cuts somehow represent service transfers to the community.

The data for 2012/13 is not yet available, but if we look at the volume of home care services delivered in 2011/12 we can see that for most clinical services, fewer visits –- not more — were delivered than in preceding years.

If hospital cuts truly represented a transfer to community-based services, shouldn’t these CCAC visits be rising, not declining?

The most obvious is physiotherapy. While Ontario hospitals are making significant cuts to outpatient physiotherapy, the actual number of physiotherapy visits delivered in the community by Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) and their agencies has dropped dramatically.

According to the Ontario Home Care Association, in 2005/06 there were 541,101 community physiotherapy visits. By 2011/12 that number had dropped by almost 100,000 visits to 444,054.

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