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The OHA makes it okay to talk about overcrowding

The Ontario Hospital Association may have made it okay to talk about hospital overcrowding.

As we noted January 27, the OHA has been asking the province to look at capacity planning, noting that only Mexico and Chile have fewer hospital beds per capita than Ontario. It’s fair to question where the province is going on this issue given ongoing funding restraint.

Overcrowding has its consequences.

London Health Sciences Centre’s Dr. Michael John is tasked with infection control for the hospital and believes there is a connection between Ontario’s battles with superbugs and overcrowding.

In the Minister of Health’s own backyard, London’s University and Victoria hospitals have averaged 104 and 102 per cent occupancy from April to December last year according to the London Free Press.

Anything in excess of 100 per cent usually means patients are receiving care in the corridors.

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Matthews comments considered “condescending” in Sudbury

Sudbury residents may be a little mystified by Health Minister Deb Matthews recent comments on their emergency room problem.

Health Sciences North recently closed 30 transitional beds in March. These beds were occupied by individuals described as alternate level of care (ALC) – patients who have completed their acute care treatment, but are not well enough to go home.

Now the hospital has among the highest waits in the province for access to its ER.

According to the Sudbury Star, a 17-hour wait in February expanded to a 19.7 hour wait in March. The hospital is fingering the rising number of ALC patients as the culprit.

Some would look at this and see some dots connecting.

Remarkably, in an interview with the Sudbury Star, Matthews said “I’ve been enormously impressed with the way the community has come together to find solutions.”

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