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Private hospital schemes like Ontario’s P3s lead to massive debt problems in the UK

It might be a good idea to get the next Premier a subscription to the UK Guardian.

Ontario has led the country in the number of public-private partnership infrastructure projects, racking up billions in long-term obligations to private companies for everything from hospitals to court houses.

Britain has been exporting this nonsense to the rest of the globe for some time now, making it a cottage industry for consultants to travel abroad and encourage other countries to similarly emulate their no-money-down miracle.

Did the UK government really believe this was not going to come back and haunt them?

The UK Guardian has consistently reported on the endless problems such schemes – called Private Finance Initiatives for PFIs in the UK — have generated, particularly in the health care sector.

The latest is a series of recommendations by a special administrator sent to sort out the mess that is the South London Healthcare NHS Trust (SLHT).

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