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Tories can’t add — Hudak way off on LHIN savings

Photo of 32 staff at the Central East Local Health Integration Network. The Tories suggest the Local Health Integration Networks have an average of 142 staff, which is not true.

The entire staff of the Central East LHIN. Does this look like 142 people to you?

Somebody please go to the buck store and get PC leader Tim Hudak a calculator.

We previously reported that the Tories long-standing pledge to eliminate the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) was missing from their platform.

Tim Hudak did eventually get around to the issue, renewing this promise.

Unfortunately, the promise also revealed more bad math. Far from being a “straight shooter,” Hudak’s campaign appears to be untroubled about facts.

Inside Queen’s Park reported yesterday that Hudak said he will cut 2,000 positions at the LHINs and save about $250 million.


Given there are 14 LHINs that would represent an average staff of 142.8 and an operating budget of nearly $18 million each.

We’ve sat through enough LHIN board meetings to realize this is way off. That prompted us to trek through the 14 annual reports presented on-line by the LHINs to check out their audited statements. We also went looking for their staff directories to add ‘em up.

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