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CEO Peterkin leaves, many questions left unresolved

Bruce Peterkin has left the building. The MICs Group of Health Services has told the media that the controversial CEO of three northern Ontario hospitals no longer holds his position. When the Timmins Daily Press recently called Peterkin, they report he declined comment and abruptly hung up.

There is now talk that the healing process has begun following a lengthy struggle between members of the community and leadership at the hospital.

While Peterkin may have been a lightning rod for the wrath of many, it doesn’t mean all issues are resolved.

Last month a letter was sent to Health Minister Deb Matthews by the Ontario and Northeastern Health Coalitions taking issue with several details of a scathing investigator’s report that sparked the appointment of Hal Fjeldsted as the Ministry-appointed supervisor for the Anson General in Iroquois Falls. Fjelsted is now serving as interim CEO of all three MICs hospitals, including Matheson and Cochrane, upon the invitation of those two other boards.

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