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Liberals promise to cap hospital parking fees after pushing them upward

After years of telling hospitals to raise the price of parking to make ends meet, the Liberals are now saying they will cap such costs for frequent users should they be returned to office.

The cost of parking tends to get little attention by policy makers, but for someone with a chronic condition this can add up to a levy of thousands of dollars depending on how often they have to return to the hospital for appointments.

When the Rouge Valley Health System ended its discounted rates for frequent users of the hospital back in 2011, we calculated that cancer patients attending three times a week would experience $2,400 in additional yearly costs for their care. For those attending the weekly cardiac rehab program, it added up to $800 more per year.

Compare that to the much resented McGuinty health tax which topped out at $900 a year for the wealthiest of citizens.

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