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National security advisor, former Mulroney cabinet minister among LHIN appointees

Who is running our Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)? With Commissioner Don Drummond’s calls to beef up the power of the regional health organizations, the make-up of the LHIN boards may become increasingly important.

For six years the McGuinty government has been making appointments to these boards. Most appointments are for three-year terms, meaning many LHINs are just now filling the third generation of their boards.

Who they are is very much a reflection of the government in power, many coming from the education and business sectors. Forty-eight claim some connection to the public and post-secondary education system, including teachers, professors, lecturers, principals, school board trustees and those who have served on the boards of colleges and universities. On the business side there almost the same number again of chartered accountants, consultants, IT professionals, human resources managers and bankers. About one in four business people on the LHIN boards are from the financial services industry.

Twenty-three LHIN board members state they are retired from their active careers, although many more fail to list a current position, suggesting they too may also be retired.

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