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Nicaragua Day 3: And Then The Chicken Walked In

A chicken decided to crash our briefing from the Masaya women's co-op.

A chicken decided to crash our briefing from the Masaya women’s co-op.

MASAYA – It shouldn’t have come as any surprise when the large chicken joined the meeting, striding around as if waiting for her turn to talk.

After all the dog had already done his inspection, and the cat made a brief cameo prior to the chicks deciding they were going to make a crossing. Nobody seemed to mind.

We had travelled from the capital to Masaya to visit a former Horizons of Friendship partnership project that no longer needed Horizons. In the development world, that’s an outstanding success. Goal achieved.


Fifty-five women belong to the Masaya-based co-op that is involved with everything from mixed farming to embroidered clothes, artwork and producing dolls. The farm was just one site where we could see the co-op at work.

Gathered in a circle in an open shelter, several co-op members introduced themselves and talked about what the co-op meant to them.

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