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Two-thirds of Ontarians would vote for a strong health care platform — Nanos

It was a curious decision by the media conglomerate putting on the Tuesday’s leaders debate. Limiting viewer questions to six, you’d have thought one of them would have dealt with Ontario’s struggling health care system.

As it was, health care was raised only by NDP leader Andrea Horwath, when she noted the NDP’s wait time pledge in her final summary.

The Ontario Medical Association and Nanos suggest Ontarians were dealt a disservice by the way the conglomerate produced the program. According to a poll taken between May 22-26, more than two-thirds of Ontarians (67.6%) said a strong health care platform would have an impact on their vote.

Further 87.9 per cent said that health care is an important issue to them personally.

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Future Federal surplus? Use it for health care say Canadians

There is little doubt that the Harper government intends to start the tax cuts rolling again as soon as it reaches a balanced budget, but are Canadians really looking at the state of the nation and demanding more of their own money back?

Canada is by international comparison a low tax country. There is no particular need to cut individual or corporate tax revenues further, although taxes could be reformed to be much more fair.

In a November poll done by Nanos for the Canadian Health Coalition, 45 per cent of those surveyed believe surpluses should go to improving the health care system. Only 16 per cent said it should be used for tax cuts.

Further, more than six in ten Canadians would be willing to payer higher taxes if it meant home care or drug costs would be covered under Medicare.

How do Canadians view Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s plan to let future federal health transfers to the provinces to become dependent on the state of the economy? Sixty-five per cent said they prefer the Government of Canada to commit to a fixed rate rather than let the transfers rise and fall with the economy.

Flaherty has been projecting that the federal government will be back into surpluses by 2015.

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