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Required reading: Monbiot on the failure of NeoLiberalism

You’ve got to love George Monbiot, the UK author, journalist and activist. His engaging BLOG is high on our list of regular must-reads.

This is how George describes his role:

“Here are some of the things I try to fight: undemocratic power, corruption, deception of the public, environmental destruction, injustice, inequality and the misallocation of resources, waste, denial, the libertarianism which grants freedom to the powerful at the expense of the powerless, undisclosed interests, complacency.

“Here is what I fear: other people’s cowardice.”

This week George leafs through the pages of the kind of UN report that most of us would require a big container of No-Doze to get through. The result is a great post highlighting evidence of how 30 years of neoliberalism has trashed our lives and made the super rich even richer.

While we spent the last year hearing how there is no money and witnessing the assault on our public services, Monbiot reminds us that the globe’s 100 richest people became $241 billion richer last year (yes, billion with a “b”).

Check it out by clicking here.