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OANHSS calls for $135.4 million to cope with aggressive behaviours in Ontario’s nursing homes

Watching a sampling of presentations to the province’s all-party standing committee looking at the upcoming spring budget, many organizations are couching their language in the context of ongoing fiscal restraint.

Not so for the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services to Seniors (OANHSS). Good for them. Ontario’s frail seniors shouldn’t be tagged to pay for the 2008 global economic crash.

While the government likes to talk about the transfer of services to the community, Health Minister Deb Matthews should take into consideration that lower acuity settings cannot maintain the same cost structures when higher acuity patients start becoming the new normal.

Simply put, the OANHSS states in their recent budget submission: “the nature of the LTC population has changed and the LTC system needs to respond appropriately.”

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