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New jobs prohibited by one-time funding

Some good news and some bad news.

The good news is many health care providers in the Central East LHIN (and likely others) will receive substantial increases in funding, some for the first time since 2011/12.

The bad news is that this will only last for a little over two months more. Then the funding levels go back to where they were before.

Here’s the kicker – all this additional service has to be done without hiring any new staff. That’s because new hires represent a commitment beyond March 31st. That’s a no-no in one-time funding.

The government does this every year resulting in a sudden influx of cash to select targeted programs, and then suddenly it all dries up again.

The Ministry routinely comes up with pockets of one-time cash given to the LHINs on short notice. For example, December 16th the Ministry made available $8 million in one-time funding to support the Health Action Plan’s “Assess and Restore” policy. That policy aims to focus on preventative programs for seniors. The LHINs each had until December 20 to figure out how to spend that money – just four days.

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